BeeSocial focuses on driving engagement through social media platforms; the BeeResponsive strategy is key to continued involvement with your brand.  When a consumer elects to participate in your posting, our team will BeeResponsive on your behalf to keep the engagement going and create a positive impression of your brand.

We want to make sure you are not invisible with your online presence, making sure you are an active part of the online conversation will ensure that you control the message.  There is nothing worse than negative feedback online that has no response from the company back to the consumer.  On the flip side, if no conversations are happening online, your business has no opportunity to grow and expand in the social community.


Our team understands the increased regulatory environment for community banks, and we have developed a plan to BeeResponsive.  Through our monthly tracking of all social activity, quarterly staff training, and updated processes and procedures, you'll have all of the activity documented for 

your next audit.