After spending 15+ years in the community banking space and working with various vendors, our team realized a bigger need in the market for smaller institutions and businesses in their communities.  The changing local landscape and fear of fewer real community-based businesses have led us to follow our hearts and create BeeSocial.  Our passion for supporting all-things-local and leveraging the greatness that these companies bring to their growing communities is the foundation for BeeSocial.

When you think about being social in this day and age, you think of Social Media.  Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter are all ways we communicate daily with our social network.  Communities have also moved online, and out of the local bookstores, parks, and neighborhoods.  What's the first thing you do when you have a life event in 2017?  You take to social media whether it's a happy, sad or mundane activity, consumers rush to post!  

People are turning more and more to social media for advice on where to eat, where to get their car fixed or where to shop.  Having a social media presence as a business is no longer an option.  Controlling your online content and message is necessary to stay relevant online and in your community.


The BeeSocial approach is ideal for small business, i.e., stores, gyms, yoga studios, realtors, and community financial institutions trying to stand-out in a crowded space filled with chain stores, chain gyms, and Megabanks.  The focus of our team is to work with local companies to help them grow and build their presence, network and get connected to the online world.  If your business is local and you need social support, Give us a BUZZ!


With over 2.01 billion active monthly Facebook users and 95 million daily photo uploads on Instagram, we can agree that social media marketing is no longer optional.  Consumers expect to see brands on their favorite platforms and conversations about your business are happening whether or not you decide to participate.

It's our main goal to help you control your social media communications, through actively posting and sharing compelling content, moderating conversations/content, and improving your site traffic to reach more consumers.  We will also help you analyze and understand your target audience to drive online conversations!